We are so proud of everyone who was a part of our 2016/2017 season!

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Favorite Actor - Musical David Russell - Spamalot
Favorite Actress - Musical Glorida Rice - Evita
Favorite Supporting Actor - Musical Rico Navedo - A Chorus Line
Favorite Supporting Actress - Musical Anissa Perona - A Chorus Line
Favorite Young Actor Patrick Higgins - A Chorus Line
Favorite Young Actress Chloe Netzel - Evita
Favorite Set Design Tom Hansen - Evita
Favorite Costume Design Terri Rick - Evita
Favorite Lighting Design Dalton Hamilton - Evita
Favorite Backstage Person Betsy Byrd - Evita
Favorite Director - Musical James Grenelle - Evita
Favorite Musical Production Evita
Favorite Musical Director Jeremy D. Silverman - A Chorus Line
Favorite Choreographer Amy Fee - A Chorus Line

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2016 Star Award Winners!